Ash Wood Tray
Ash Wood Tray

Ash Wood Tray

Made in Hasami, Nagasaki, the Hasami Wood Tray is minimal and organic with the versatility of a serving tray and a lid for the appropriately sized Hasami Porcelain Bowl. The region is known for making high-quality Japanese pottery dating back to the Edo Period. The modular wood tray is stackable with the same size bowls and plates. 

Material: 100% Ash Wood


Small: 5 5/8"D x 7/8"H

Medium: 7 3/8"D x 7/8"H

Large: 8 5/8"D x 7/8"H

XL: 10"D x 7/8"H

XXL: 11 7/8"D x 7/8"H

Made in Japan.